Friday, 30 May 2008

Release of Babies into the wild 14th June 2008

As part of the ongoing conservation efforts of Sri Lanka, 8 babies are being relased back into the wild. The 8 elephants were brought from around the country to the Elephant Transit Home. Born Free and some Sri Lankans have fostered them.

It is now time to release them back into the wild to alow them to roam free. These elephants may not have survived had the Elephant Transit Home not been established.
They will be released on the 14th June.

Date received: 2004.06.25
Sex : female Age (present) : 04yrs 07mon
History: Elephant was rescued from Madunagala area of Hambantota. It had fallen in to a cultivation canal where its mother had tried to pull her out. It had bruises and cuts. Body condition was normal and the animal was exhausted. It was saved by Hambantota & ETH wildlife officers. A female with matriarch characteristics.
Foster parent : Mr.R.P.Fernando at Colombo

Date Received: 2004.09.21
Sex : Female Age (present): 04yrs 02mon
History: Elephant was rescued from Maguruhitiyawa area, Kekirawa, Northwestern wildlife region.
It had fallen in to a pit. It had bruises.
Body condition was poor and the animal was exhausted when it was recovered and treated by Northwestern Wildlife Health management center. Presently a very active individual.
Foster Parent: Mrs.Senadhi Silva/ Ms. Atalugama at Colombo

Date Received: 2003.12.02
Sex : Male Age (present): 04yrs 05mon
History: Elephant was rescued from Hathareskotuwa area of GalOya, Higurakgoda, Mahaweli wildlife region. It was found when few weeks of age. The Umbilical wound was unhealed. Army officers had found it near the main rd.
Presently a very social male member of the ETH group.
Foster Parent : Born Free Foundation in the UK

Date Received: 2004.04.22
Sex : Male Age (present): 04yrs 06mon
History: Elephant was rescued from Sampath Nuwara, Weli Oya, North western Wildlife region.
It was about five months when recovered. Police officers had recovered it and it had jumped to a water reservoir when they tried to catch it. Presently a very handsome and compose male.
Foster Parent: Tokyo Cement Cooperation at Colombo

Date Received: 2004.08.12
Sex : Male Age (present): 03yrs 10mon
History: Elephant was rescued from Sagama tank reservation, Eastern wildlife region. It was few days old when recovered. No signs of its mother. It had come following a villager whom had handed over the elephant infant to the STF camp of the area. Another orphan was found 2 days later from the same area which is believed to be the twin sister of Nalaka.
Presently a very curious and a social male.
Foster Parent : Born Free Foundation in the UK

Date Received: 2004.09.04
Sex : Male Age (present): 03yrs 08mon
History: Elephant was rescued from Dambarawa, Wasgomuwa NP, Mahaweli wildlife region.
It was about 10 days when recovered. It was unconscious and lying laterally. Two adult females were pulling and pushing the infant and trying to drag the infant with them. Dr. Vijitha and his staff was able to intervene and rescue this unconscious emaciated baby which would have died within few hours. Now Tharos is completely recovered. Presently a handsome and shy male.
Foster Parent: Ms.Dilhani Palehepitiya at Colombo

Baby Blue
Date Received: 2007.05.22
Sex : Male Age (present): 05yrs
History: Elephant was rescued from Thuruwila, Nellikulama, Nachchaduwa, Northwestern Wildlife region. It was approx.04 yrs when recovered.
Sited with buffaloes by the Dr.Chandana and his staff. It had emaciated body condition with heavy intestinal worm infestation.
Baby Blue is a Tusker- Handsome and very shy though it is the dominant male of the group at ETH.
Foster Parent: Mr. Charon Sivadanabakad and Born Free Foundation in the UK

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